dana & david

Getting to know each other...

As a wedding photographer, it is always my intention to be intimate yet invisible to my clients. So we always meet months earlier, chat, discuss, perhaps even coach, shoot and generally prepare for the special day together. We share experiences, and create new ideas... So that on the big day, the photographer is one less issue to worry about. After all, it's always about the bride & groom!

Preparation & spontonteity

... is a delightful mix! Be prepared, but also be prepared for the spontaneous!  So although we discuss the romantic moments to come, experiences, love affairs and of course pragmatic stuff like how the images should be finished.... In this case, Dana wanted a light pinkish retro - she got retro!

And the story continues, the romance continues and the basketball expresses the masculine moments of joy!

Watch this space for more, this was just the get to know us shoot......