anisa & brendan


What a delightful setting, a gorgeous little town in Andalusia.  A light warm spring breeze in this otherwise sleepy local setting meant that fitted suits, as well as specially imported saris were at home.  Guests from across the globe descended to join the lively get together on the friday in the town square....


I'd met Anisa and Brendan only some weeks earlier. But it became quickly clear that although having settled in Berlin, Anisa & Bren had collected an eclectic mix of close friends on their travels worldwide - all who then delighted in celebrating their special day in Andalusian big time! Here the slideshow that sums up a fun weekend in Andalusia

they call this work?

The gorgeous garden wedding the following day, was so personal, warm, emotional and real.  The ensuing dinner speeches and party at a private location with midnight pool were simply unforgettable - as were the dj's from India and Ireland!

In my humble opinion, being part of the party is integral to capturing the pure emotion, both with a sense of humour and discretion - and wow - was I made to feel at home! They call this work - thanks guys!