a coming of age

... for a boy or girl is special day... I had the pleasure to shoot Ruven's bar mitzvah in Berlin... and what an unforgettable photographic rollercoaster ride that was - rounded off with a groovy short film capturing the events leading up to and including the party....


The party at a known central location was one of the society highlights of the year! Guests were led through a back entrance up in a grubby lift and then along a walkway with the feeling of a London underground tunnel, complete with buskers. Then past the dangerous looking but amusing bodyguard doorman, and into a reception area where performers and magicians entertained. When the massive dividing wall was finally raised - Ruven's Club was revealed - simply breathtaking! The highest technic video wall I've ever seen and a central ceiling high bar were the main features - the location was simply unrecognisable. Set design and builder Emilia at Flores y Amores had done it again! Mazel Tov!