brooklyn to berlin...

location, location, location

It was indeed a long trip, but life best journeys often are! Hermione's journey from New Zealand to Berlin was no less spectacular than Alex's journey from Serbia, via Brooklyn to Berlin!  But I could not have imagined a cooler couple at these fabulous locations in downtown Berlin, and with so much imported exotic Serbian schnapps! Friday's get together at the infamous Dal Contadino was a diverse mix of family and friends, some meeting for the first time... Cultures clashed and fused beautifully!

Getting Ready

Hermione's "girls" (including one boy) were at the fashionable Soho House for some "me" time in the morning, followed by rooftop drinkies with Daddy over Berlin's skyline. The boys conversely, had a few chilled whiskeys and cigars... And when all met at Berlin's spectacular and historic Schloß Charlottenburg - magic was in the air - this deemed to be the Berlin party of the year!

Just a small selection of this beautiful fun packed day in berlin....

Dance, dance, dance

There was no stopping Hermione & Alex; the first dance was followed by a night of indulgement that covered most musical tastes I've ever been exposed to.... Between Queen, Van Haalen & acid house - there was even some space for some classics! A memorable night, followed by a  get together in Friedrichshain's Volkpark biergarten for an extended Sunday brunch and goodbyes!

Oh, and what a dress!!!

This is one wedding I definitely won't be forgetting!